Fantasy of The Rich Is Rarely Unreached

Fantasy of The Rich Is Rarely Unreached|

Fantasy of The Rich Is Rarely Unreached|

We all have our childhood fantasies which we even after growing up yearn for. Whether it is the longing to be the champion of Jules Verne’s venture of exploring the undersea world of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea or the yearning for having the super natural powers which our favorite hero possessed.

These are the desires that remain with us till the life ends. But those who have the wad plenty to spend do reach their childhood dreams at growing up. They are never outgrown for their toys. This can be demonstrated by the following interesting ‘toys’ which were not intended to be toys at the time of their invention.

Fantasy of The Rich Is Rarely Unreached|


The dream of exploring the undersea world has enchanted many children. But those who have deep pockets have managed to accomplish their dream. The company, Triton Submarines, has made arrangements to gratify their yearning.

This company, based in Florida, manufactures small personal luxury submarines that are designed differently according to each client’s demand. The Triton model 3300/3 is the most popular one and is acquired for the purpose of recreational diving, exploration, research activities and also for filming.

It is capable of carrying 3 persons and can explore up to the depth of 3,300 feet as the name suggests also. There is a condition to own a submarine, one should have a super yacht for the docking station and also a deep pocket.

Fantasy of The Rich Is Rarely Unreached|

A Hydro Powered Jetovator

Everyone among us wanted to fly in childhood and many of us still have a dream of doing so. Among these many, several those who have an exuberant blood circulating in their body would go for sky diving or base jumping to quench their longing.

But now, if you have a bundle of currency desperate to be spent you would not need to do so. The American Company, Hammacher Schlemmer, have seen to that by designing a Hydro Powered Jetovator which is a flying jet-ski like water craft.

This water craft enables the rider to go up to 25 feet into the air and facilitates the rider to corkscrew, back flip and barrel roll while hovering over the water. Riders can also take the quick under sea review by plunging a little over 10 feet below the water while still being on the craft.

The price is 7,000 dollars only.

Race Tracks

Fantasy of The Rich Is Rarely Unreached|

Many of us wanted to race a car on the race tracks we used to play with in our child hood. The American company Slot Mods have made feverish efforts to make this dream of their clients true.

The tracks that are built by the company have the length ranging from 12 feet to 30 feet and width of 10 feet to 20 feet and may be inclusive of the features like having grandstands and skid marks which are air brushed on the lanes. Track pricing initiates at the rate of $50,000 but usually is in between $125,000 and $150,000.

Fantasy of The Rich Is Rarely Unreached|

Golf Cart Hovercraft

This is also a proud presentation of Hammacher Schlemmer . This hovercraft can drift over sandpits and water also. It can hover up to approximately 9 inches height from the ground and has a speed of 45 meter per hour.

 It can carry four passengers and two golf bags. Furthermore it has handlebars for a steering instead of a wheel. It is up to the standards prescribed by United States Coastal Guards and is marked as reliable for hovering over water.

Though taking special permission is mandatory to operate the cart, nevertheless it is quiet and does not damage the grass while landing or taking off.

Price is $58,000 only.

Fantasy of The Rich Is Rarely Unreached|


Drones are quite common these days, but here they are referred to for different purpose. They are being used to accomplish the high flying purpose also, just for fun though. Now they have a fisheye camera which is controlled by the pilot on ground. The camera is capable of recording video of 1080 pixels and can capture the surrounding action by taking 14 mega pixel still shots. It also has an internal Global Positioning System which allows it to be tracked down if required.

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