Six Simple Steps to Enhance Your Learning

Six Simple Steps to Enhance Your Learning|

Six Simple Steps to Enhance Your Learning| PakistanTribe.comLearning is the most important part of life, professional as well as personal. The Intelligence Quotient(I.Q) effects your learning but one cannot say that it is the only factor which effects your learning. Here we will mention some steps which will strengthen your ability to learn something.

Idealize the appropriate personality:

In learning, it matters a lot who you are going to be followed. Always choose the ideal who belongs to your path, who crossed the same road you are passing by now. Very consciously, observe their live pattern and adopt the way they have followed to acquire their goals. And whenever, you get caught in any bad situation, think that what that ‘ideal’ will do if he/she would be in the same situation, keeping in mind their habits etc.

Analyze your skills:

Idealization is followed by the step of realizing your potential and deconstructing it. Deconstruct your skills, most probably time management skills and keep your focus more on the initiation of learning as it is considered as the most important phase of learning.

As Josh Kaufman believed that you don’t need 10,000 hours in order to master a skill. Instead, the key is to embrace the first 20 hours, and learn the most important subset skills within that time frame to get the maximum amount of impact.

Stay Focused:

Keep your focus on your goal, don’t let your attention to be distracted. Don’t let your thoughts to be messed up. Stop multitasking as it will lessen your concentration of thoughts and resultantly, you will not able to perform your roles with your full potential. And it will also hinder in your speed of learning.

Try Try Again:

Don’t lose hope, don’t leave your heart if you are not learning with the desired speed. The simple rule of getting success in every field and also in learning is try try again. Repeat your efforts with the same zeal and zest, as it will help you to learn more efficiently and will show you the small but very important aspects of different things.

Evaluate the Feedback:

As according to you, you have completed a step, go for the feedback, look at the outcomes of learning, check your progress and analyze your errors you have made and again in next step check how much you have progressed.

Keep striving:

The best way of learning is, to keep striving, don’t leave your goal in half way. By following the aforementioned steps, ‘keep striving’ will also stick to your mind, as if you had put all your efforts in acquiring a goal, your mind and heart would not let you to leave it in the half way.

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