Broken Heart Is Able To Be Fixed Now

Broken Heart Is Able To Be Fixed Now|

Broken Heart Is Able To Be Fixed Now|

LONDON- Now regenerating heart after a heart attack will not be a problem. The British researchers have made it sure.

Researchers from the University of Oxford have found a new way to regenerate heart after it suffers from heart attack. Researchers state that if appropriate conditions are provided then the heart is able to regenerate itself.

 Regarding the suitable conditions, a very important protein VEGF-C would be introduced in the medicines and the heart would be able to revive itself.

This protein was tried first on mice and the experiment gave positive results. After this protein experiment, the heart started to revive automatically. It started generating new vessels and the dead cells were excreted through these vessels.

Researchers explain that during the experiment, body’s lymphatic system started to repair the heart after the attack and also alleviated the effects of the attack, while the protein improved the blood pumping ability of the heart.

It is pertinent to mention here that lymph vessels transport necessary fluids and white blood cells throughout the body which play their role in case of infection or wound.

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