A Bus That Runs On ‘Magic Manure’

A Bus That Runs On ‘Magic Manure’ | PakistanTribe

A Bus That Runs On ‘Magic Manure’ | PakistanTribe

LONDON- You may have heard of a bus powered on vegetable oil but imagine a bus that runs on cow dung. A British company “Reading Buses” has developed such bus which is fueled by cow manure.

Not only it runs with a different fuel but it competes with the speed of other bus types as well .This ‘bus hound’ has beaten the “bus land speed record” as it zoomed across the country side with the speed of 76.785 miles per hour. Its outlook is just like a Friesian cow, a black and white colored cow specifically found in Europe, as it is painted with black and white color.

In this bus, the petrol and diesel is replaced by cow dung. At the current time there are 34 buses that are being run with the help of fuel made by this magic manure for which 7 large tanks are attached with the top of the bus and these tanks are filled with the dung which is passed through the process of  ‘anaerobic digestion’. In this way biogas is produced and is changed into liquid through gas pressure.

Environmentalists have declared this bus as eco-friendly and considered it as an important development.

The Reading Buses engineer John Bickerton commented proudly on his company’s exclusive invention that: “We are modern, fast and at the cutting edge of innovation.”

He also told the media that his company wanted to change the general image of the bus as dirty, smelly and slow. So they launched this bus which is speedy as well as catchy in appearance.

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