3D Films Can Be A Brain Booster For You

3D Films Can Be A Brain Booster For You| PakistanTribe.com

3D Films Can Be A Brain Booster For You| PakistanTribe.com

LONDON- An interesting fact has been revealed by British researchers that 3D movies enhance one’s cognitive abilities and can help in boosting brain power.

This research was conducted by a neuroscientist from Goldsmiths University named Patrick Fagan. Patrick Fagan discovered that watching a 3D movie can increase the cognitive processing ability by 23% as compared to the results gained from watching a 2D film.

People who watch 3D movies experience an 11% increase in reaction times. Another research conducted by Professor Brendan Walker from Thrill Laboratory in collaboration with a London based company revealed that this increase in reaction times was five times that of the people who watched a 2D movie.

The Fagan study propounds that watching a movie in stereoscope before initiating challenging tasks may prove helpful for surgeons, boxers and tennis players.

It also states that watching a 3D film can slow down the decline in cognitive function of brain which is a result of old age and can cause further impairments in future quality of life.

Another revelation of the study was that 3D movies are more immersive than 2D films.

It is relevant to mention here that cognitive brain tests and brain monitoring headsets were used to assess the change in cognitive abilities in moviegoers at the Vue cinemas in Piccadilly, London.

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