Awesome Lizard Fact That You May Not Have Known About

Awesome Lizard Fact That You May Not Have Known About |

Awesome Lizard Fact That You May Not Have Known About | PakistanTribe.comThis lizard’s amazing red and blue markings are strikingly similar to the suit worn by the crime-fighting, web-weaving daredevil “The Spiderman”.

The lizard is a Mwanza Flat Headed Agama, which are native to Africa and usually live in groups with one dominant male and is usually the most colourful.

There are more than 350 species in the family because they cluster in groups. They may group together because there are limited hiding spots for them to hide in the rocky outcrops of Eastern Africa. Its age can be more than 15 years and it can grow up to a foot long.

The colourful creature was captured on camera by photographer Cassio Lopes on a trip to the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya with his wife Alessandra.

The 38-year-old, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, said: ‘We were on a photography workshop and on one afternoon we were parked for a couple of hours near Rongai River.

‘It was dry at that time of the year and we’d been told a female leopard had been seen in the morning roaming around so we decided to spend some time there looking for it.

‘After so much time without spotting the leopard we started looking for other things and my wife spotted this lizard basking in the sun on the top of a rock near the river.

‘It was the first time we saw that kind of lizard despite our previous visits in Africa. We were mesmerised by the colourful pattern and had never seen anything like it before.

‘It didn’t take too much time for the little guy to vanish into the rock hatches after some clicks of my camera.

‘I think this lizard was even more shy than Spiderman himself. It must have brought us luck though because afterwards we managed to see the leopard we were looking for.’

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