Interesting Revelation: Spiders Can Also Create The Sound Of Love

Interesting Revelation: Spiders Can Also Create The Sound Of Love|

Interesting Revelation: Spiders Can Also Create The Sound Of Love|

OHIO, UNITES STATES- Scientists have found an interesting fact that male spiders use musical sounds to seek attention of their females. They produce sounds to which their females are receptive of.

Alexander Sweger and Prof. George Uetz from the University of Cincinnati in United States (US) made this revelation after doing experiments on ‘Wolf Spiders’ which a certain kind of spiders. In this experiment they recorded the sound of these spiders and found that a spider makes a purring sound like cats and by making this sound he actually sends a love signal to a female.
When these recorded sounds were played to female spiders they became attentive. According to the scientists these sounds are transmitted through leaves.
These findings were presented during a meeting of Acoustical Society of America which works for the treatment of deafness.
Both scientists maintain that this research can be helpful in getting a clue of evolution of sound communication.
When the team started research on a specific kind of spider found in North America, it got to know that a few articles which have been published on this topic mentioned that a quiet chorus of spiders have been heard in the forests of America.

It has been found that the majority of spiders can create vibration and are also able to detect it and they communicate messages through their legs, even they sense the vibration caused by other insects through their legs and then they catch them.
While talking to the media, Mr. Sweger said that he just wanted to know that whether the wolf spiders living in North American forests use sounds to communicate or not. For this purpose they Mr. Sweger and his team made a small studio in which male spiders were left to move on different things and the sounds were recorded then.
Male spiders purred when they came into contact with scent of female spiders, they make this sound by dragging their comb like organ across the leaves or whatever surface they are on.
These recorded sounds were played to female spiders but they were transmitted through air, not through vibration. Spiders did not show any reaction to these sounds.
So it became evident that vibration through a surface is necessary for communication between spiders. Spiders cannot produce vibrations on a stone, wood or earth but they can produce sound as well as vibrations on leaves, paper or a stretched cloth.

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