Jealousy Or What? Women Don’t Embrace Skinny Models

Jealousy Or What? Women Don’t Embrace Skinny Models |

Jealousy Or What? Women Don’t Embrace Skinny Models | PakistanTribe.comNEW YORK – Size zero may be considered as striking for males but a research conducted in University of United States has shown contrary results for females.

Mostly advertisement agencies prefer to cast thin and skinny models to increase their rating and sale of product.

But a recent research, conducted in United States rung the alarm for advertisement agencies.

The analysis of the research shows that women are more attracted towards the product which is advertised by their own size or near size model.

Women prefer to purchase the products specially clothes, which are wore by an average size model.

Study revealed that using thin models can alienate up to 70% of an advertiser’s target market.

“We need to look at the target market, and we also have to look at the product category,” said study co-author James Roberts, professor of marketing at the Baylor University in the US.

“For some product categories, ‘thin’ is probably going to do better. For others, it very well may be that an average-size model may sell better than a thin model. It just may be a good business decision,” James noted.

Study was conducted on the group of 239 women.

For conducting their studies, researchers had to determine that which of the women idealize thin models.

James said, “It was our belief that women who ascribed to the ‘thin ideal’ would be more receptive to the thinner models,”

Of those surveyed, 25 percent disagreed with the “thin ideal” and 45 percent did not fully ascribe to it.

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