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UDAIPUR, INDIA- Being a mother is what every woman wants. So it would be a huge blow to a woman if she is told that she is not capable of being a mother. Obviously, something went wrong. A study conducted in India has given an insight into this.

Study has revealed that smoking, caffeine consumption and stress not only damages your health but can result in infertility in women as well.

According to the study, being conducted by a fertility expert Kshitiz Murdia who belongs to Indira Infertility Clinic and Test Tube Baby Centre. This study states that age, weight and smoking not only implicates health but also affects the reproductive capability of a woman.

The study also termed these three diseases as the most acute ones which are Andenomyosis, endometriosis, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

In Adenomyosis, the inner lining of the uterus shifts into the muscle and results in the risk of miscarriage.

Endometriosis refers to the growing of a tissue outside the uterus which should have in normal situation grown inside the uterus as its lining.

PCOS is enlargement of ovary, and also creates disturbance in hormone levels and ovulation.

The study emphasized that awareness regarding these diseases and their causes should be spread around as no one pays attention to these issues.

The symptoms of the infertility are usually seen in menstruation period of a woman and are characterized by occasional, extended or excessive bleeding with pain. It is also symptomized by abnormal hair growth, acne and obesity.

The immediate treatment and early diagnosis can prevent the long-standing complications, the study further stated.

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