Clean Your Disk With Banana Twist

Clean Your Disk With Banana Twist | PakistanTribe.comLONDON – Usually repeated playing of Compact Disc (CD) leaves scratches on it and cause loss of data or music track. But now all the stuff is reversible with the magic of banana.

Some of us are fond of music and some like games, others ought to do some documentation and save it in their CDs.

But here comes the time when repeated usage of CDs leaves scratches on it and when you play it again it starts freezing or playing after pauses.

But now you can overcome all these problems by using a simple technique.

What you have to do is:

Take some equipments

A clean rag

Lukewarm water

Banana pulp


Clean your disk with cleaning rag. After that take a banana and cut it into two pieces from the centre.

Now gently rub the banana on the back side of the disk and cover the full area.

After that wash the disk with lukewarm water.

Again dry the disk with cleaning rag and make it sure not even a drop of water is present on it.

Now insert your disk in disk drive, if because of scratches data is not lost, disk will start playing it smoothly.

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