Dutch Cabinet Imposes Partial Ban On Veil In Public Places

Dutch Cabinet Imposes Partial Ban On Veil In Public Places | PakistanTribe.com

Dutch Cabinet Imposes Partial Ban On Veil In Public Places | PakistanTribe.comHAGUE – Partial ban has been approved by Dutch cabinet on Islamic veil in public areas, exempted streets. Helmets and balaclavas are included in it.
After France, Dutch cabinet has also approved a partial ban on full face covering in public areas. Public transport, schools and hospitals are the places where ban would be applied.
Ban would not apply to wearing burqa or niqab in streets and roads.
Interior minister Ronald Plasterk presented the bill to the cabinet.
After approval of bill government said that: “Face covering clothing in future not be accepted in education and health care institutions, government buildings and on public transport.”

After cabinet meeting, Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte briefed to journalists that “in specific situations where it is essential for people to be seen ban would be implemented.”
He further added that “the bill does not have any religious background.” The proposal will be sent to a panel of legal advisers for assessment.
The breaching of ban will cause fine of 290 pounds.
Approximately 100 to 500 veil wearers are present in Holland.
It is important to note here, that previous government also tried to impose a ban on veil. But, it was severely criticized by a legal penal by considering it against the freedom of religion granted by constitution.

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