Scary Thing To Know: World’s Highest Glass Bridge In China

Scary Thing To Know: World's Highest Glass Bridge In China|

BEIJING – If you are terrified of heights you must not visit the thrilling glass-bottomed bridge recently built in China.

World’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge is located in Zhangjiajie, a scenic national park in the country’s Hunan province.

The dizzying footbridge, which spans between two cliffs in the national park of Zhangjiajie, will be open to brave tourists in July.

Stretching 300 meters between two rocky peaks, the walkway sits 180 meters above a valley and, if that’s not enough to terrify you, it is also prone to swaying in the breeze.

There is even specially trained staff available to help any visitors in need of emotional support to make the journey across.

The suspension bridge consists of two side steel beams with a structural glass deck and hanging side stay cables.

The record-breaking construction is the work of award-winning Israeli architect Haim Dotan, who is best known for his ecologically-minded designs throughout the world.

Dotan estimates that the bridge will be able to hold up to 800 people at once. There will also be the opportunity to try the world’s highest bungee jump.

Scary Thing To Know: World's Highest Glass Bridge In China|

There are even plans to hold fashions shows along the sky-high pathway.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the United States is just 69 feet long and sits 718 feet about the canyon floor while Canada opened its Glacier Skywalk in Alberta last year which stretches 115 feet from the cliff.

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