Stuff To Know: Your Hand Shape Can Tell You Amazing Things

Stuff To Know: Your Hand Shape Can Tell You Amazing Things|

Stuff To Know: Your Hand Shape Can Tell You Amazing Things|

If you can identify the hand shapes, you can know a person even in disguise. Palmistry can tell what kind of a person you are. According to Palmistry there are four kinds of hands and these specific kinds attribute their owner certain personality traits.

The finger’s length and shape, and the length and breadth of the palm of the hand determine to which kind that particular hand belongs to.

Actually there are air hand, fire hand, water hand and earth hand.

(A) Fire Hand:

These hands contain wide palms and short fingers. The combination of short fingers and wide palm make them look stubby. The more the hand looks stubby, the more the nature of the person is stubborn. The nature is even more stubborn if the fingers are comprised of wide knuckles.

These palms show a hasty mind. People having such palms are hasty decision makers. They are the innovators, always come with brilliant new ideas and have passion behind their beliefs.

But this passion has sometimes a short life, that’s why they are to come up with new ideas but do not try to make these ideas real. They are the people who lack consistency. If the idea is not nurture at the time it took birth, it would die soon. The fire in these ideas extinguishes after some time.

These people have persuasive abilities in conjunction with charisma and are always center of the attention.

(B) Earth Hand:

These hands are comprised of a large, expansive, wide and long palm. The fingers are wide, but neither long nor short. It is mostly dry and is sometimes rough even.

People having this hand are insightful in nature. Usually these people are quiet but not necessarily shy. These people are reliable, tough and resistant to change. These people are adept in careers that involve working with hands, just as a carpenter or a massage therapist

They are moderate as far as their emotional stability is concerned and feel pride in it.

(C) Water Hand:

These hands are long, and very much similar to air hands, the only difference is that they are moist and damp.

These people are very much influenced by the positive as well as negative currents in life.

Palms of this hand are soft and rounded, people having this hand are extremely emotional and soft as well. They are prone to the influence of positive and negative currents in life.

You would want them as your friend, they are the born empaths.

Furthermore this kind of people find crowd as disturbing.

(D) Air Hand:

These hands are long and slender, having long fingernails with long nail beds. They have a long palm also. This hand is an elegant and beautiful one. Another quality of air hands is that they are damp.

The long palm of this hand depicts a thoughtful mind. The action of the person having this hand follows a lot of thinking.

Long fingers show an active mind, active to the extent of restlessness. People having such fingers are the one who move very swiftly through life.

The people having air hands are capable of keeping every nook and cranny of an information. These people enjoy challenging tasks.

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