Contact lenses: Boon and Bane

Contact lenses: Boon and Bane |

Contact lenses: Boon and Bane | PakistanTribe.comLONDON – Doctors of Moorfields Hospital have observed rise in optical infection and the reason they found is contact lenses.

Contact lenses are used to enhance one’s looks but he/she may not be aware of what they can do to his/her eyes.

Last year, doctors of Moorfields Hospital remedied 60 cases of particularly nasty infection called acanthamoeba keratitis.

Now the number of cases they treated this year increased two to three times.

Contact lenses are considered as the main cause of the nasty infection. What happens is this that the bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms stick to contact lenses and cause pain.

The disease can get so severe that you may have to keep awake for weeks for the sake of treatment.

A case was reported in which a woman’s eyes get infected because of her contact lenses and she had kept awake for a week for the sake of treatment.

Another case was reported in which a student was told that the probable cause of her eye infection is the splash of water on one of her lenses.

Doctors have prescribed some precautions to reduce the risk of infection because of bacteria.

Top of them is that, don’t sleep while you are wearing lenses. Because mostly lenses are not designed for this and wearing lenses for a longer duration may aggravate the cornea and make it more vulnerable to infection.

The other one is, don’t shower or swim while wearing lenses.

Water carries and spreads a dangerous infection called acanthamoeba keratitis. People who wear contacts are mostly vulnerable to the infection.

Water-borne bacteria and other germs, such as acanthamoeba, can attach to contact lenses during swimming and causes infection.

Other few are …

Do clean your lens properly.

Don’t lever your lenses to soak in a glass of water.

Be careful when putting them in and taking out.

Try to act upon these advices and make your eyes less vulnerable to bugs.

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