Stunning Revelations Disclosed About Bin Laden

Stunning Revelations Disclosed about Bin Laden|

Stunning Revelations Disclosed about Bin Laden| PakistanTribe.comWASHINGTON- Interesting facts have been revealed regarding Osama Bin Laden, the deceased senior leader of Al Qaeda, in more than 100 documents which have been declassified by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on the order of President Obama.

These documents have been extracted from Bin Laden’s archive and they have illuminated many interesting traits of his personality.

According to them, Osama Bin laden was a devoted family man who was always concerned regarding his 20 kids and 4 wives. In his letters exchanged family members, he advised them how to behave and how to live their lives. He called his wives as the apple of his eyes. The letters from his children and wives depict that he was a very beloved and admired person in his family.

Regarding his interest in book reading, the documents show that he was a very passionate reader. As far as his taste is concerned he used to read the books of Noam Chomsky, the accounts on how Western think tanks see Al Qaeda and Woodward’s “Obama Wars”.

Bin Laden’s archive also illuminate his future plans. He wanted to launch large scale operations against America to bleed American economy. Moreover, he despised the conflicts with Muslim regimes. He was of the view that Al Qaeda should focus upon the “real enemy” and infighting would be a distraction. He was also worried about the disunity within the Islamist jihadi movement.

It is pertinent to mention here that the documents were translated by CIA, the security intelligence agency of US and no access to original documents was given to media.

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