China Achieves Second Strike Capability

China Achieves Second Strike Capability | PakistanTribe

China Achieves Second Strike Capability | PakistanTribeWASHINGTON – American security agencies and Think Tank have showed their concern on the inclusion of “Multiple Independently-targetable Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) – equipped Mod 3 (DF-5)” in Chin’a anti-ballistic missile system.

After the installation of this system, China will become the member of those nuclear armed club which have deployed this technology decades ago.

These countries are Britain, France, Russia and United States.

After acquiring this technology, China will be able to hit multiple targets at the same time.

U.S media reported that, U.S had already showed his suspicions about the deployment of this technology by China in its Anti-Ballistic Missile System (ABM).

With this technology multiple warheads in a single missile would able to hit multi targets.

Unites State’s government and Pentagon gave the same stance about the inclusion of MIRV in Chinese ABM.

According to report, by acquiring this technology, U.S will come in the range of China, these missiles can directly hit U.S.

Chinese Dongfeng-5 missiles are now equipped with MIRV technology.

A newspaper reported that in order to preserve the second strike capability, china has developed this program.

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