Interesting Revelation: Chinese Salt, Not Good For Health

Interesting Revelation: Chinese Salt, Not Good For Health|

Interesting Revelation: Chinese Salt, Not Good For Health|

MARYLAND, UNITED STATES – Yes! The commonly used food additive known as Chinese Salt, which is used in our homes, canned food, ready to cook food and nearly everything is detrimental to our health. Scientists have found evidence that Chinese salt can be responsible for high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, allergy, and also brain damage.

A recent study published in the Science Journal, has found that Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) commonly known as Chinese salt; a salt which is artificially converted into flavor enhancer causes weight gain and obesity as well. It also affects the appetite by damaging brain.

The study was conducted by involving 752 healthy Chinese people aging from 40 year to 59. The sample was taken from three rural areas of North and South China. 48 % of them were women. Participants of the study did not use any processed food and nor did they use MSG in their food.

As a part of the study they were asked to add MSG in their foods. Their average intake was 330 mgs per day. After analyzing the results, it was found that MSG had caused the weight to increase.

Another finding of the study was that MSG affects brain also. What it does is that it over stimulates the brain and this causes a drug like affect which provides a feeling of wellbeing. It is highly addictive. This process destroys the brain cells.

The routine use of MSG cannot tell how much it is concentrated in commercially processed foods but if you avoid taking MSG in your food for some time and then eat something commercially processed you will surprised to know how much it is loaded with MSG. You will get to know that the flavor is so much intense and you would want to keep eating and eating.

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