Want A Memory Boost? Drink Orange Juice

Want A Memory Boost? Drink Orange Juice | PakistanTribe.com

Want A Memory Boost? Drink Orange Juice | PakistanTribe.comMedical experts have discovered that orange is beneficial for our mental health. An interesting research has revealed that drinking orange juice daily improves brain power.

Latest research conducted by the Reading University of Britain has revealed that Orange juice brings incredible improvement in mental abilities.

During the research, adults aging from 60 years to 81 were given 500 ml orange juice to drink, the process was continued for two months. This lead to improvement in memory, reaction time and verbal fluency as compared to the result of giving control drink (matched for taste and calories) and this drink was given during a different eight week period.

The research explained that orange contains the chemical called flavanones and various studies affirm that this chemical improves the access of brain signals to an important part of brain which deals with learning and memory.

Researchers further say that it is not necessary to specify the intake of orange juice. Rather just include orange juice in your routine to make your mental abilities better and to prevent several diseases.

The use of Orange juice can beautify the skin, nourish eyes and make the immune system strong.

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