Eliminate Noxious People, Have A Prosperous Life

Eliminate Noxious People, Have A Prosperous Life|PakistanTribe.com

Eliminate Noxious People, Have A Prosperous Life|PakistanTribe.com

While reading a novel I found a character (a typical one), who was a taleteller, making others’ life difficult and satisfying his sense of envy. Creating hurdles, manipulating the realities and misleading others were exceptional traits of that villain. He was all happy for creating the fuss in others life.

I started to recall my everyday life in the context and it just occurred to me that I encountered with such persons many times. And sometimes became their prey also.

I learnt some techniques and precautions to discard such people from my life to make life worth living, enjoying it at its fullest and obviously to utilize and maximize my potential.

The technique which should take the top position is:

Repudiate to make a room for hyper-critics in your life

Do not accompany yourself with the fault finders. They make everything more and more suspicious, lower your trust on others and always show the dark side of the picture.

Even if you would try to explain something to them; try to show them the positive aspect, they will not lend their ears. They would already have derived a conclusion before knowing and considering all the facts.

Avoid jealous people

Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes you have upper hand and sometimes you will be at lower position. In low times, everyone needs support, no matter what position they previously had. Good friends support you in your bad times.

But the real are those, who congratulate you in your good times, who celebrate your success with great zeal and happiness. Covetous people lack this ability.

They may support you in your bad times but your success will annoy them. They will try to provoke negative tendencies in you, which will lower your zeal to achieve something.

Disown the control freaks

In your professional life, if you have control freaks in your surroundings you will surely be in a mess. They won’t let you work, they will try to impose their will on you, curtail your creativity and decrease your efficiency.

Even in your personal life, if you have any one like this, it would be much problematic.

Avoid them!

Don’t go for arrogant people

Now a day, arrogance is mixed with attitude. It’s a strange confusion. People get attracted towards others having attitude. But the time of need arrogance overcome the attitude and in the arrogance, those FRIENDS cannot bear with the progress of other friends.

Sometimes arrogance is considered as confidence. It’s another lethal misperception. The superiority complex they have disturbs personal and professional lives.

Get rid of lame excusers

Life makes you surround with lame excuses. They will never accept their fault, love blame game. Always try to get escape from failure by blaming others. These kinds of people lower your potential. And if are assigned with any duty never fulfill that.

Minimize your interaction with liars

Liars are the worst ones, one ever meets with. They make the life problematic. A liar can never be a trustworthy person. In professional and personal both lives, liars throw you in the hell of troubles.

At personal level, relations are mostly destroyed by liars; they provide mal-information and manipulate the facts. Don’t ever trust them.

To avoid all the drama and negativity in life, attain the uttermost success, follow these simple rules and live a peaceful life. Because the less you interact with drama person, the more happily and contented life you will live.

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