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Women Eat Slower Than Men | PakistanTribe.com

Women Eat Slower Than Men | PakistanTribe.comNEW YORK – Are you ever annoyed with a male gobbling up his food or a female taking ages to finish her meal? If yes, then you should not feel so due to the fact that a male’s jaw is structured to eat quickly and a female’s to eat slowly.

We all are familiar with the notion: “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. A research conducted by the Semyung University of North Korea, published in January 2015 edition of ‘Psychology & Behavior’ has affirmed that.

This interesting research revealed that the chewing patterns of men and women differ from each other due to which women eat slower than men.

The researchers selected 24 women and 24 men for this research and each of them was given 152 kg of boiled rice to eat. While eating, electrodes were attached to their jaws and which were connected with computer so that the movement of jaw muscles could be recorded and analyzed.

Things which were recorded and then compared were muscle activity, bite size, food ingested per minute, chews every mouthful, total chewing time and total meal duration. When the result s were analyzed it was found that men take large mouthful and not only this but it was discovered also that men have more chewing power than women have. Contrary to that women take small bites and chew more, that’s why their speed is slow relatively. They have less chewing power, and they chew each bite almost twice than the men do.

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