Simple Steps To Kick Out Stress

Simple Steps To Kick Out Stress |

Simple Steps To Kick Out Stress | PakistanTribe.comA neighbor of mine came to my house and started discussing her routine life with my mother, as I was sitting with my mum so I also paid a head towards her. She started with the getting up in the morning and preparing kids for the school and leaving for the job and ended up with the fight with husband and sleep.

Her life seemed messed up, a great deal of problems were present there like a monster. She started crying because despite of her double duties (office and home) and all efforts, her family was not satisfied from her.

I tried to console her with some of my knowledge;

We all are humans and our lives work on subjectivity. We face ups and downs, hardships and comforts, sorrows and joys. All these things are not in equal proportion, an imbalance leads our lives. Life is unpredictable but it demands to be balanced.

The world we are living in today demands more and remunerates little. We need to uphold many things in little time. Sometimes we choose to be many things in life and juggling up with all these things is not easy. At different times we find ourselves in different psychological state/mood.

Sometimes we may feel all the burden of the world on our shoulders. Maybe it’s because of all the work related stress which leads to exhaustion; or disturbance in personal relationships which crumble our psychological health; or the people we are superintending throw you in a mess.

But to live a tranquil/serene life we need to subdue the stress. Here I will mention a few simple conducts by adopting which, one can feel relieved from stress in both personal and professional lives.

Amity with Positives
Life is like a machine, life needs to be like a machine. To keep a check on the working of a machine and in time of error in operation of the machine we need a mechanic. A machine is required to work efficiently in every condition, a good mechanic knows how to deal with its errors and to fix them. Same is the case with humans.

In time of stress, we need to confide in with those who are our mechanics. Who understand us, who know how to strengthen us and how to show a ray of hope when we are despair.

These are the positive people who raise our potential and fix our problems. They can be our friends, parents, colleagues, therapists etc. but we need to have those people in our surroundings which show us a positive spectrum of life, when we are devastated.

Ring the bell of recess time

Human body and mind is designed in a way that it needs rest. If we look at the rule of nature we will get to know that day is designed for work and night for rest. It’s a rule of nature that we need a break.

Same goes for our lives. We need to put off the honorary badge of over work which we usually wear with much pride and manage for a little time for ourselves by taking a break. In this break we may read a good book or play with kids, go for a walk, enjoy music etc. etc.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise
Exercise is amongst those a few habits which our parents try to inculcate in our behavior from our childhood. But as we grow up and develop our interest it becomes part of those a few which we quit first.

To cope with the stress we need to keep our mind and body strong. Exercise strengthens not only our body but also our mind. Different exercises like yoga and aerobics strengthen the mind and also a very good source of releasing stress.

Vitalize First Hand Communication

Work related stress and even stress over personal relationships is mostly followed by mal-communication system.

To make everything clear in professional life, one must go for direct and first hand communication. Directly give your orders to your subordinate, assign them duty by yourself and even ask for report directly. It will cause reduction of many problems.

In personal relationships, go for first hand communication. Talk to the relevant person, don’t discuss your issues here and there because your “trust worthy” ones may add spices to your problem and make it more peppery for you to resolve the issue.

Heed Professionals

In your difficult times, seek professional advice, go to the counsellor and therapists.

We need to discuss our issues with someone, someone who could guide us to the right path and listen to us, professionals are best for it. The most beneficial part of this practice is that it is understood that they will keep it personal. They would not discuss it with everybody for the sake of gossip.

By following these simple few practices you can see a big difference in your life. If you are happy and contented you will make others happy and joyous. And this little effort from your side will lead to frame a healthy society.

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