Five Steps To Develop Your Networking Skills

Five Steps To Develop Your Networking Skills |

Five Steps To Develop Your Networking Skills | PakistanTribe.comShe is very caring, polite, skilled and pretty but in more than 100 member’s team she has no good or close friend. We can see different cases, like the one we mentioned above in our surroundings, suffering with non-availability of networking skill.

There is no doubt that networking is a catalyst for success in personal and professional capacities. But it is the skill which is as difficult to develop as it is important. Majority is having mess in building network. Experts believe that basically networking is an art and it should be considered as so. Here are a few steps which would help you to go green in the field.

Step 1: Change your approach:

Networking is not mere exchange of business cards. Yes! It is a give and take relationship but the key element of this relationship is trust and sincerity. A bonafide relationship demands trust and if otherwise it would not serve you its purpose. Treat your acquaintance as your friend, this will make your relationship grow. Find the things you both have in common and talk about them. Have a light discussion with him or her.

Step 2: Set your goals

Goal setting is very important. If you really want to achieve something you really need to know what it is. Imagine you are driving a car with optimum fuel and have no particular destination, what will happen eventually. The fuel would be wasted ultimately. Same can be applied in our context. If you have not set your goals, then you are wasting your energies. Set your goal, think what you want to accomplish in the next 5 years. Then make your sub plans, what you would have to do in pursuit of your goal. Make a sketch of this whole plan. Say your five year plan is to earn $ 1 million. For this you would need a business or an investment. For this you will have to make contacts with other relevant people. This is where networking is required.

Step 3: Connect your networking strategy with your goals

When you have sketched your goals, think of the persons you would need for the accomplishment of these goals. This can be mentor, an advisor or even a client. In short, whatever you are going to do to achieve your goal you would need to heed some other person’s help. No human on this earth is self sufficient literally. So go and find the relevant persons for your goal. Do contemplate on it that which kind of person would be most appropriate to help you in achieving your goals speedily.

Step 4: Making a Bond

Building a strong relationship needs to be worked on from the time it is initiated. The question is where to start from.

Ask perceptive questions. You really need to know the other person’s thinking. Ask appropriate questions. Someone has rightly said that quality of your questions correlates with the quality of your life. Moreover asking better questions will help you receive better answers.

Step 5: Be a Super Connector

This is a give and take relationship. You would be helped in the return of giving help. So introduce your acquaintances to each other when needed. This will do the job for you in the long run. The powerful ways to be a super connector are:

Always be willing to connect and share.

Build friendship, not contact. Never talk about business in your first meeting. Make bonds with quality people, then you would not need quantity.

Link other super connectors, this will multiply the benefits for you.

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