10 Disastrous Habits For Your Teeth

10 Disastrous Habits For Your Teeth | PakistanTribe.com

10 Disastrous Habits For Your Teeth | PakistanTribe.comThere is no doubt that healthy and attractive teeth complement your personality, boost up your confidence and give you a dazzling smile.

Surely, brushing teeth two times a day is vital for a good health but in addition to that some habits should be avoided to keep your teeth healthy. These habits can harm teeth or embark them on the way to destruction.

Remaining aware of these habits would help you in maintaining this distinct quality of your personality and would make you able to keep your teeth healthy and attractive.


Several dental problems arise from smoking cigarette and smoking as a routine will have negative effect on your teeth. Tobacco makes your teeth go pale and thus look unpleasant. While during smoking the blood circulation declines to some degree which results in growth of bacteria in your gums.

Misusing your teeth

Many people use their teeth as tools; such as to open a soft drink can or to open a packet of chips. The examples are numerous. These kind of use of teeth exerts pressure on your teeth and as a result their shape and health is affected. Your teeth have two major uses only, one is to help you chew and second is to help you articulate your words.

Nail Biting

This a harmful habit very common in kids as well as elders. Nail biting leads to removal of the enamel and corners of the teeth are cracked which not only look bad in appearance but render the teeth weak as well.

Using energy drinks

Just like soda, energy drinks contain a large amount of sugar and acid which corrodes the teeth. Furthermore these drinks leave stains on your teeth and inflict sensitivity. This does not mean that you should abandon using energy drinks but use straw while drinking so that the contact between teeth and the drink is as minimum as possible.

Using tooth pick

Many people use tooth picks to remove the food particles from their teeth after having meal. Doing this can cause damage to tooth because bleeding can start and gums can be affected. So replace the tooth pick with floss as it is better than toothpick.

Chewing on hard things

Many people like to chew nuts and such kind of things. While there are some people who enjoy chewing hard things like plastic or wood. This habit damages the teeth severely. Because it can result in the broken tooth or a weak tooth.

Brushing in a wrong manner

It is a habit of many people that they brush vigorously or use hard tooth brush. When you do that there is risk of your gums getting hurt and this leads to various diseases. So always use a soft tooth brush.

Excessive teeth polishing

Teeth whitening or teeth polishing is very common in people to make their teeth shine, but do keep it in mind that excess of this activity damages the teeth and increases the sensitivity.

Eating Less

Having less diet deprives the body from minerals which are very important for healthy teeth and healthy gums. Not only is this but due to this habit the amount of saliva also reduced which keeps the acidity balanced and if it is not balanced then it results in teeth falling and their decay.

Thumb Sucking

This is a common habit in children but unfortunately it damages the shape of teeth and shoves the upper teeth outward and the lower teeth inward. Parents should discourage their kids for this habit.

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