Pakistan real estate – a real investment dock

Pakistan real estate – a real investment dock | PakistanTribeIn today’s time, the real estate sector of Pakistan is one of the investment hotspots, which remain more or less unaffected by the political turmoil and poor security conditions of the country. When economy of Pakistan thrives, its real estate sector always remains a major backer in this regard.

Now, the people from different walks of life seem to funnel investment in this sector and guess what? They all succeed in materializing notable returns (ignoring the minor exceptions). Moreover, the property portals like Zameen also contribute a lot to the growth of the sector by providing easy investment appraisals and online property search facility to the buyers, sellers, tenants and land owners.

So, what exactly makes Pakistan an investment haven? The current chaos and security unrest in our country has led various industrial niches to witness recessional dips. Moreover, the lack of electricity and gas further adds flame to the fire. In such conditions, the only sector that somehow guarantees to provide investment shelter is the real estate sector of the country.

As mentioned earlier, people belonging to different professional backgrounds try their lucks in the same sector; overseas Pakistanis on the other hand also seem to show keen interest in the property market of Pakistan. This is one such industry in our beloved country which receives splendid footfall of investors.

And when it comes to selecting an industrial topper, in context of prominent investment returns, then Pakistan real estate is a truly deserving candidate, among other industrial niches of the country. The prices of properties exhibit impressively rising trajectories and in a shorter time, the investments of the investors mature here. In some localities like DHA and Bahria Town, the prices of properties become twofold with time, for which investors find it soothing to invest in the sector.

Even though some people speculate that the realty market of Pakistan is approaching towards a property bubble, but in my view, these speculations will remain a mere hoax. In order to stabilize the sector, the Government of Pakistan seems to pay heed towards the establishment of RERA i.e. Real Estate Regulatory Authority. If this plan materializes, further security to the investment of the people will be the resultant.

The sad part of the story is that the people are utilizing real estate sector for money laundering, i.e. conversion of black money into white, the issue which is yet unaddressed by the government. Plus, the issues related to the patwari culture and land mafia still demand an attention from the regulatory authorities. And last but not the least, the aggressive development of housing societies is causing the agricultural land of the country to diminish.

Even after having such problems, the real estate sector of Pakistan flaunts various benefits and today a lot of people are connected to this sector, either as agents or investors because of the security of investment and also huge investment returns, this sector is accredited for. Considering this much potential, the Government of Pakistan indeed needs to come forward to regulate the sector further for sustaining the happening real estate growth in the longer run.

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Shehryar Qureshi

Shehryar Qureshi is digital/new media expert, affiliated with Zameen, Pakistan's largest property portal. He writes on property and trends related to the industry.

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  • Realty sector emerged as a top investing sector in Pakistan.In the recent era, property prices have gone up sustainably. I have visited different property portal, I m surprised to know that there are so many property agents affiliated with these property portals. But in my opinion, the government should be implemented the tax amnesty scheme that has passed in 2016. Tax on capital gain also is taken into consideration. Proper channel for the documentation of realty sector should be introduced by the government, because, there is a lot of incidents of land grabbing via an illegal manner has been seen throughout Pakistan


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