A Book That Inspired Bill Gates To Spend Rs. 3.8 Billion

A Book That Inspired Bill Gates To Spend Rs. 3.8 Billion|PakistanTribe.com

A Book That Inspired Bill Gates To Spend Rs. 3.8 Billion|PakistanTribe.com

WASHINGTON – During our conversations, we often wonder that how tremendously West progressed. But we never pondered that actually what the phenomenon which brought astonishing progress.

It is their love for education which brought phenomenal revolution. An example of their love for knowledge is an act of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft who purchased a manuscript, worth million dollars.

Bill purchased the manuscript of Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian renaissance master, painter, sculptor, architect, mathematician, and musician inventor.

He purchased manuscript titled “Da Vinci’s Dodex Leicester”, this book is written approximately about 500 years ago and published in 1510. In the book Da Vinci contemplates the properties and uses of water.

The central theme of his work is water, but this quickly expands into astronomy (because he believed that the moon’s surface was covered in water), light and shade, and mechanics, as he investigates aspects of impetus, percussion, and wave action in the movement of water.

In the book De Vinci also mentioned his observations that why sky appears blue, the journey of a bubble rising through water, why fossilized seashells are found on mountaintops, and the nature of celestial light.

Gates purchased this book on 11th Nov, 1994.This historically important book was purchased by Thomas kick, the earl of Leicester. This book remained in possession of his family for 263 years.

In 1980, a billionaire named Armand hammer purchased it after that in 1994 Bill Gates got this book.

Bill said that he is lucky to have this book because in context of quality of history and knowledge this manuscript is priceless.

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