No More Worry To Face Summer

No More Worry To Face Summer|

No More Worry To Face Summer|

Summers have just been started. Feeling anxious?? No more need to do that. Just follow some tips and feel free to enjoy the season. Yes! The hot weather can also keep your spirits high if you are prepared for it.

Things which can keep you cool in a warm weather are:

1. Stay hydrated:

    Summer heat makes you prone to dehydration. Drink as much water as you can. Carry a water         bottle with you wherever you are going. For some people it would be boring to take huge amount of water, they should try juices. It would provide hydration as well as keep you in touch with the tastes of summer. The juices of grapes, lemon, banana, water melon, and pineapple would keep you healthy and cool.

2. Take healthy food:

Keep your food healthy in summers; avoid oily food that is rich with fats. Consume food which is light and cool. Summers have a bounty of fruits and vegetables, enjoy it. Include protein in your food that is light and healthy. Keep fiber intake ample, this will help in keeping cholesterol low. This will nourish your body as well

3. Drink green tea:

Replace sweet tea or coffee with green tea. It will help catalyzing your metabolism and further make you feel light and calm.

4. Exercise daily:

Doing aerobics daily keeps your strong and makes you feel relaxed. Do hiking, swimming or playing tennis, this will keep you refreshed. Exercise is always a good tip to make your day good.

5. Keep exposure to sunlight limited:

While enjoying outdoors or going out for work avoid over exposure to sunlight as it contains ultraviolet rays and can damage your skin and your eyes also. Use natural sunscreens and shades to prevent sunlight harming you.

6. Relax and have some rest:

In this season, people in most Western countries enjoy at least a month’s leave; if this is not possible for you, then enjoy your available holidays at least. Make plans for outings on weekends.

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