Your Digital Life Can Leads You To Success and Failure

Your Digital Life Can Leads You To Success and Failure|

Your Digital Life Can Leads You To Success and Failure|

Though it has not been a practice in Pakistan till now but in many countries organisations use Google, Yahoo, Bing search and Social networks to evaluate the job applicants and sometimes job opportunity is lost due to some funny picture, racist sentence, tale telling and grammar mistakes.

Some companies even reject the applicants on the basis that people have remarked them negatively on Facebook. Even more is being done in that regard. Now the companies take help from social media to evaluate your personality and watch your performance and incredibly only on the basis of your Facebook blogs they analyze your personality.

In fact your Facebook blog can be used to predict your intelligence, emotional quotient, and even drug usage and for this purpose several applications or web sites are also available which can do postmortem of the user’s personality through your Facebook blog.

Through a study it has been discovered that by collecting profile information of Facebook users their performance in office can be predicted. In this evaluation five characteristics have been taken into consideration: compatibility, emotional stability, openness, honesty, and external interests.

High score in these five makes you an exemplary employee whereas less score would mean for that company that you will be proved as a head ache for them.

Twitter can also be used to analyze the personality and for which three points are optimal i.e. how many people are following you, how many people are you following and how many times you have become part of other people’s reading list.

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