Internet Works Like A Human Brain

Internet Works Like A Human Brain|

Internet Works Like A Human Brain|

NEWYORK- If you think that understanding complicated system of the internet is out of your bandwidth then you need to know that a human brain works just the same.

According to a research conducted by USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, it is discovered that our brain system is just like a mini internet.

This has been found by doing experiments on rats. Scientists pose that the human cortex is similar to mini internet.

They revealed that our brain works on the same pattern as the internet is composed of numerous local networks, regional networks and others.

The research further proclaimed that among the two local networks of Brain, one handles sight and learning, while the other handles the functioning of other organs.

Likewise there are two more networks, among which one supervises the sense of smell while the other analyzes transmissions and makes them comprehensible.

It is pertinent to mention here that rat’s brain resembles human brain that’s why scientists say that the functioning of the human brain is more complicated.

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