How To Be A Dynamo?

How To Be A Dynamo?|

How To Be A Dynamo?|PakistanTribe.comWhile discussing future plans with my friends, a voice came from inside, “are you power hungry?” and it distracted my flow of thoughts. I first ask myself is it really so… but could not get the answer. Then asked my friend, is it really so that I am power hungry? And her answer made me relieved. No, not at all! You are a dynamo, she told me.

Though it’s a bit puerile but it made me satisfied that I am not going into wrong direction, thanks to credulity.

We often spend a little time on self-analysis, but for making the difference we must spend time on it. And to be a high achiever, one must have the calculation of residues which occurred with the passage of time.

I studied the attitude of dynamos and found a few principles which lead them to this level of success. Here they are mentioned:

Good performance is about the capacity to focus and concentrate. (Betty Buckley)

They focus more on doings than answering whys. They are problem-solvers, opportunity creators, they don’t focus on the problems but create solutions. They make their ways through defeating winds.

The riskiest thing we can do is just maintain the status quo. (Bob Iger)

If anyone tries to tell them the conventional way of improving performance or focuses on “how will you do it”, can also be consider as a problem in their books. They have no patience for status quo. They are the ones who paved their own ways.

What you want to ignite in others, must first burn inside yourself (Aurelius Augustinus)

They have the fire to inculcate passion in others. The way they speak the way they move, inspires others. Their ideas are so effective and impressive that they stimulate others to do something.

Every accomplishment starts with the reason to try (Gail Devers)

They don’t get satisfied with their achievements and accomplishments. All they want to do is to thrive for more and more. They never settle for lesser goals, every new accomplishment opens a new venue for their new achievement.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. (Socrates)

They focus on making and finding new ways. They are of the view that there must be someone who ought to do this, and it starts from their own selves. They are passionate for building new venues and open up new ways.

Defeat is only a word. Defeat was the beginning of a victory. (Launa Rissadia)

To dynamo, defeat is only a word, they don’t consider it more than a word. They well consider the proverb “try try again”, and work on it with all their spirit. Though this trait is more like a double edged sword, but by this they also enjoy the taste of excellence.

The most distinguishing feature of winner is their intensity of purpose. (Alymer Letterman)

The goal achievers stick to their purpose, all they just want is to win. They dream and accept no other way. To some it is not healthy attitude but in market this is the only way of survival and sustainability. So there is nothing bad in it.

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to compete others. (Ayn Rand)

They don’t work for defeating others or to compete with others, all they want is to make their standards high and work for their self-satisfaction and production of something new. They don’t go for any task to impress anyone.

We have nothing to do but to receive, resting absolutely upon merit, power and love of our redeemer. (William James)

The real dynamos are merit-oriented, they go for everything and every person just on the basis of merit. No one need to expect a clumsy thing appreciated by them. They make possible to imply merit on every field of life.

On the concluding note, I will say that it’s not that easy to be a dynamo but it’s either not impossible. One need to be much focused and goal oriented. So you and I all have to work on these qualities to reach at the level of accuracy and excellence and off course to become a dynamo.


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