Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts

Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

Indeed, to live a happy life, a little sweetness is required. Pakistanis have a happening life that is full of celebrations and festivals. Whether it’s a wedding in the family, Eid or some other festival or celebration, there’s always a big hearty serving of traditional desserts and sweets.

No celebration or festival is complete without any one of the following traditional desserts.  Pakistani desserts and sweets are mainly milk and sugar based. Some are wet and some are dry, some eaten hot and some cold. Besides celebrations and festivals, people like in-take desserts after meal on daily basis.

In this context I have listed some all-time favorite desserts of Pakistan.


Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

Kheer is a popular sub-continental dessert. It is usually prepared on occasions like Eid and other celebrations.  Main ingredients of kheer are milk, rice, sugar, ghee, and khoya. Different people prepare it differently according their traditions but the main ingredients are same everywhere. Dry fruits are also used for garnishing to make it look more attractive.

Sheer khurma:

Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

Sheer khurma is made of milk, vermicelli, sugar, nuts, dry fruit, ghee and fragranced with cardamom, kewra or saffron. Sheer khurma is usually milky golden in colour and can be thin or medium thick depending on the cooking method. Sheer khurma is enjoyed hot.


Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

Zarda is the treat of 12th Rabi-ul-Awal in celebration of birth of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).  Muslims of Pakistan prepare sweet rice in celebration and send it off to family, friends and neighbors.

This dessert is made of rice, sugar, dry fruit, nuts, yellow food color and sometimes spices like cloves and cinnamon. It is enjoyed warm.

Ras malai:

Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

Ras malai is an innovative dessert derived from rasgulla sweet. It was originated in Bangladesh a long time ago and is such a one of a kind delicious dessert that its popularity spread out through Subcontinent like wild fire.

 It is white, soft and velvety balls cooked in creamy milk. Ras malai is made with milk, sugar and fragranced with cardamom, saffron, kewra or rosewater. Ras malai is enjoyed cold.

Badam Phirni:

Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

It is a sweet dish cooked on the festival of Eid ul Fitr. Though phirni is loved by all, it can be a real treat for those who love milk and milk products. Desserts are the pick of every festive meal and Badam Phirni has a smooth, rich and creamy taste, to live up to the flavor of the special occasion of Eid.

It is easy to make and requires very few ingredients. It also doesn’t take a lot of time to cook Phirni.

Gajar Ka Halwa:

Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

Gajar ka Halwa is among the most famous Pakistani desserts. People love to make Gajjar Ka Halwa at home especially when the carrot season is on. Those who can’t find time for that often buy it from the market but hardly anyone misses it in Pakistan during winter.

Heated thick dried milk (Khoya) is added in Halwa to enhance taste. This is a traditional dessert of Pakistan and everyone loves to have it.

Gulab jamun:

Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

Gulab Jamun is also one of the most famous sweet in Pakistan and India. The term Gulab Jamun, the king of Pakistani desserts, comes from gulab “rose water” and jamun “similar sized and shaped fruit”. Khoya is also added in gulab jamun for taste enrichment.

Sugar and milk content gives it brown color.


Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

It is a very rich and thick dessert purely based on milk. Rabri is a Punjabi desert mostly served with falooda but also taken separately.

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