Revision Of CSS Syllabi: A Majestic Folly Or A Wise Step ?

Revision Of CSS Syllabi: A Majestic Folly Or A Wise Step ? |

Revision Of CSS Syllabi: A Majestic Folly Or A Wise Step ?     |    PakistanTribe.comStudents’ fear of examiners’ hostility—both in setting and in checking their papers—is universal, but students’ fear of examiner’s follies are specific to Pakistan.

The 17th-April revisions of CSS Syllabi are ill-timed, ill-devised, monotonously boring, retentive of past mistake, reflective of federal lunacy, hence foolish.

 The need of aligning CSS syllabi with modern trends has been neglected for last 34 years, they admit it, and like a urine-filled bladder, it has now become so urgent that they have unknowingly directed their excretory organs towards the heads of 2016 CSS Aspirants. To make up for their neglect of updating it from time to time, they have changed everything out of the blue, which will have serious repercussions.

Let me substantiate my tall claims:

Grammatical Mistakes: Ridiculously, the standard of their English has not improved over the last 34 years. There are grammatical and syntactical mistakes in the curriculum.

Recommended Books Belong To The ‘Greek Mythology’: The books they have recommended are old, in fact so old, that some of them have become redundant. I am calling them redundant, not classics, because they simply are not classics.

More to the point, they have not succeeded in shaking off their preposterous folly of recommending more books than they expect the students to study. The result is that Pakistani students will now, more than ever before, become averse to Primary Sources. They rely on notes and Wikipedia. (I have regularly studied philosophy for last 3 years as a passion, but the corpus of philosophy they have asked students to study is simply too much. 36 philosophers in Political Science accounting for only 50 marks.) They have recommended 41 books for Islamiat. The height of their stupidity is immeasurable, as long as they stay atop it, or unless they jump off it.


Sciolism: The outlook of their syllabi is a clear reflection of how little they know about the subjects they are devising the curriculum for.

Also, they have reduced such vast subjects as Economics, Psychology, and geography to a worth of 100 marks, and have included Environmental Sciences and Gender studies, each of which require an MSC, also for a 100 marks worth.

Run-Of-The-Mill: The new syllabi is boring because they have placed an intellectual posture to their revisions while in actuality they are intellectual midgets–charlatan, and their revisions, in their effects, lilliputian–Yes, the centimeter-in-length pygmies of Gulliver’s Travels..

The Other End Of The Line Remains The Same:  Another issue is this: The paper setters may be more enlightened people this time, but the paper checkers are going to be the same old school. I don’t pretend to know what degree of serious offense they may take, if one passingly alludes to Post-modernism in philosophy paper, and one will have to give such allusions because at least I am unable to justify nihilism with reference from Quran.

In my humble view, therefore, a new system, not necessarily better, has replaced a bad old system. My condolences go out to myself, to those who are on last attempt in 2016, and to those who are 27 or 28 years old.

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