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Success... What It Takes... | PakistanTribe.comIn this world of competition, everyone wants to achieve the epic of whatever he pursues. The only rule of this game is Survival of the Fittest, and man’s survival instincts carry him through most of the tasks and challenges… but what it takes to reach the ultimate, is somewhat different.

Success has different meanings and perspectives, and everyone has his own interpretation…   For some it is reaching the heights of glory, while others may crave for inner satisfaction, still some others might think of it as outperforming the others… whatever the definition you have in mind, of this seven letter word, you ought to have some basic attributes to succeed…To succeed in whatever task you have at and, the basic few things to consider may be outlined as:

  1. Believe in yourself…. Always maintain a firm belief in yourself that you can do it. If you doubt yourself then what the others would do is beyond imagination.
  2. Know you purpose…. Without a purpose, you cannot put your heart in it.
  3. Always set your targets…. Set your targets, and then plan to achieve those targets.
  4. Always plan ahead…. Planning has always been the key to success. One should have a long term plan i.e. what would he achieve in his life, and other plans to address the day to day tasks at hand thus contributing towards one’s ultimate ambition.
  5. Always prioritize…. You must know what you have to do right now, and what can be done later. Instead of haphazardly doing tasks, prioritize them on whatever basis is suitable and then tend to complete the task at hand. Don’t bother about the later tasks, as this will only dampen your concentration.
  6. Always be Flexible…. You should be flexible enough to cope with varying situations, and varying personalities and environments. You should be able to adjust to the new situations easily, and your plans should be capable to accommodate for the adjustments. Adaptability is one of the most important traits of the Successful Individuals around the globe.
  7. Don’t wait for opportunities, Make them…. A successful individual does not follow a path rather he improvises a new one for himself.
  8. Always keep up to date…. In this era of rapidly advancements, there is not a second to lag behind, so it is very much necessary that you maintain yourself on a day to day basis with regular updates on your knowledge, and working methods.
  9. Keep an open eye for lessons… Learning not only comes from institutions, being a keen observer teaches you the most. Observe what is going on around you and look for anything new that you can learn, even a small point or trick may make a difference.
  10. Never hesitate to teach…. Tend to impart your knowledge to anyone who asks for it. It not only boosts your confidence, but sometimes what they ask can generate new ideas, and even you can learn something from them.

    1. Keep a cool head… When you are angry, or bothered about something, your mind is incapable of making rational assessments of the situation thus leading to wrong and sometimes even disastrous decisions. Always keep calm and relaxed, and if something is really getting over your head, try to regain composure as early as possible, and don’t take any big decisions meanwhile.
    2. Never be stressed out… Another key to success is handling the pressure situations. If you are stressed out, you tend to be confused, and your self-confidence is shattered, thus leaving you vulnerable. Maintain your aura of confidence and never submit to the situation.

  1. Never hurry…. A famous saying goes as: “Slow is steady, Steady is Fast.” Never hurry in your work, but maintain a good pace that you may not falter.
  2. Always live in the present, not in future and never in past…. Your main focus should be on today, not tomorrow, and what happened yesterday is history. Don’t lament on it, just learn from your mistakes, and move on. Similarly daydreaming is not at all rational. Just plan one step ahead, but focus on your present.
  3. The Switch Off – Switch On technique…. Usually practiced by stage actors, this technique can enable an individual to maintain his efficiency throughout his work, no matter how long. The crux of this technique is: “You make virtual compartments in your mind, and allocate each compartment to a specific task. You keep all the data and feelings related to a task in its specified compartment, and as soon as you are over with the day’s work, you put all the things back, and lock the compartment right away.” This will enable you to resume your work with the same focus, enthusiasm and efficiency on the next working day when you resume your work by opening the compartment.
  4. Always review your work…. Be your judge yourself, and by reviewing your work, you can correct your mistakes before anyone else can criticize.
  5. Always welcome criticism… No one is ever perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Never feel stressed if someone is criticizing your work, rather tend to learn from this and improve yourself constantly.
  6. Never ever be arrogant…. Never feel too much proud of what you have achieved. Just be humble, and maintain an aura of grace. That’s more than enough for the others to know that you are something.

These are some of the traits that most Successful Individuals have had around the globe. If you adopt these, no one can stop you from achieving what you crave for and turning into the Icons of Success.

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