Rawalpindi Incident: ‘Bloodbath remain continue for 6 hours’ Ashura Killings victim

Rawalpindi Incident: ‘Bloodbath remain continue for 6 hours’ Ashura Killings victim | PakistanTribeKOHISTAN – An eye witness and one of the very few alive people of the Rawalpindi incident break his silence on Tuesday about the sectarian violence took place in Rawalpindi, PakistanTribe.com reported on Wednesday.

According to the Pakistan Tribe correspondent of Hazara division, KP, Faiz ur Rehman told the media “There was blood and screams everywhere in the mosque, bloodbath started from Juma (FRIDAY) Prayer (PST 1300) was continue till Esha prayer (PST 1900) for almost six hours”.

“Shia People attacked the mosque during JUMA (FRIDAY) speech with bottles, knifes, and sticks, I was in the corner of the second row, people inside the mosque try to save themselves from attacker with throwing bricks but suddenly there were the rain of bullets from the Ashura procession participants” he told while talking about the incident.

“I saw many people killed at front of me then I opened the window near to me and jumped outside, I was landed in a drum with three other local people” said Faizur Rehman, resident of Kohistan, district of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) and the student of Jamia Taleem ul Qura’an.

He also revealed that during the attacks dozen of people in black dress break the backside door and attacked on the people with Knives and Guns, many student of the MADRASA killed before me.

It was also highlighted in the report of special branch of local Police that law enforcers have been reach the effected mosque and nearby market 8 hours after the incident.

Earlier, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, founder and chief of Awami Muslim League was told the media that “Ashura procession participants have used Police guns to fire bullets on the people inside the mosque and used petrol cans to torched around 150 shops”.

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