Trees And The Four Temperaments

Trees And The Four Temperaments|

Trees And The Four Temperaments|


Have you noticed, in your social circle you have people having different qualities and temperaments. Temperaments and qualities can be understand by your kind of tree you like .

Temperaments are distributed in four major categories. SANGUINE, CHOLERIC, MELANCHOLIC AND PHLEGMATIC

These terms were coined by the Greek physician Aelius Galenus to describe the effect of the humors on personality. Further researches have shown that your mood (temperament) can be judged by the tree type you like. Whether its spring, winter, summer or autumn tree

You want to know which type of temperament you posses?

Only you need to do is; select a tree type and see what sort of personality you are?

 Autumn Tree:

Trees And The Four  Temperaments|
Autumn Tree : Choleric Temperament


You have the if you like autumn tree! Choleric people are extremely short-tempered. They are also very demonstrative, so there’s no party until they arrive. They have the most energy of all temperaments and their passion is boundless. They experience emotions on a way deeper level than others and definitely know how to express them. This is why Choleric are usually famous. They are ambitious and have very strong leader skills, sometimes they tend to lead people with other temperaments, especially the phlegmatic. People admire their task-oriented nature, bravery, willpower and accomplishment!


Winter tree:

Trees And The Four  Temperaments|
Winter Tree: Sanguine Temperament


If you like winter tree you! Sanguine are friendly, charming, talkative, lighthearted and pleasure-seeking. They tend to enjoy being around other people and believe in living life in the in the present moment. They can easily make friends because they love people to be around and understand them. They are quite creative and often find themselves imagining or forgetting things, which others find cute. Besides their social personality, they also have a sensitive side, are concerned and thoughtful. people admire their sarcastic jokes and talented self!


Dead Tree:


Trees And The Four  Temperaments|
Dead Tree: Melancholic Temperament


If you like dead tree you have the! Melancholic people are relaxed, isolated, kind, sensible, enduring, caring, categorical and tolerant. They are all about peace and balance and tend to seek a quiet air, no matter where you go. They like their own habits and wouldn’t change them for the world. Steadiness is the key that brought them success in life. This is why they are also a very good friend to others. People admire their steadiness, tolerance and being so satisfied with themselves.


Spring Tree:


Trees And The Four  Temperaments|
Spring Tree: Phlegmatic Temperament

You like spring tree then you has phlegmatic temperament phlegmatic people are extremely intelligent, reserved, thoughtful and restrained, making them appear threat to others. When they walk, others stop, stare and admire. They love to spend their time alone with their thoughts and have an artistic side: they could easily write or paint a masterpiece, unlike others. They are perfectionist and demand the same thing in others, too. Sometimes they prefer to do things themselves to make sure it meets your own standards, thinking that others might be more superficial than they. People admire their concern with the good in the world, intelligence & seriousness!


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