In the name of Tamasha

In the name of Tamasha | PakistanTribePakistani politicians are fond of rhetoric. They strive hard to gain sympathies from populace whenever they get a chance. They do not even give a second thought that momentary artifice could only be as good as counting chickens before they hatch.

In the twilight of May 11 polls, many demigods of national politics have been brought on their knees. Amongst them are the front benchers from both sides of the floor. The ones in power are merely shouting ‘theory of inheritance’ and the watchdogs fighting over ‘choice of words’.

Millions of rupees are being spent on each session of the parliament. But these politicians demonstrate boycott in the name of ‘Tamasha’. By the way, these ill minds are only capable of converting a sacred floor into the debating arsenal and that too over just one word.

No doubt, the idea of using that word was an absurd one. However, the watchdogs showed remarkable unity against the folly. But they too only relied on joint press conferences and failed to move a joint motion at floor to censor the controversial word. Likewise, weapon of legislation could easily be used against increasing inflation. After all ‘Aren’t we a democracy?’ just as the stalwart of youth chewed this phrase to justify another good-for-nothing rally.

Our parliamentarians were supposed be seasoned statesmen having at least the basic knowledge of parliamentary process. But these legislators do not even meet the only criteria of the job. Training programmes on basic understanding of federalism are being organized by one famous INGO for last many years.

This parliament can only put all its eggs in one basket for giving rebirth to a 40-years-old supra-nationalist ideological snitch. You take the name of legislation in people’s interest, to which they are the only representatives in the supreme institute, be prepared for a backlash.

If these political juveniles are not using the power of legislation for protecting the rights of people then there could only be two possibilities: First, this legislative system does not at all support the interests of people. Second, these parliamentary jokers do not know the ABC of legislation and use floor of the house to demonstrate their oratory skills.

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