Parliament Concludes That Pakistan Is Not Going To Join Battles

Parliament Concludes That Pakistan Is Not Going To Join Battles |

Parliament Concludes That Pakistan Is Not Going To Join Battles |PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – Parliament of Pakistan has prepared the Draft Resolution for not participating in the Yemen war. It is maintained that violation of Sovereignty of Saudi Arabia would not be tolerated.

After the five days of the joint session of the Parliament and speeches from the members of all the Political Parties the Parliament of Pakistan has finally reached to the conclusion that Pakistan is not going to join the battles in the Yemen war.

Pakistan will continue its role as the leader of the Muslim world and will continue to put efforts to resolve the conflict on the diplomatic grounds.

The Draft of the Resolution is prepared by taking into account the consideration of all the parties of the Parliament. The Draft is finalized after considering the Draft submitted by PTI of its suggestions.

The Prime Minister Of Pakistan approved the Resolution Passed in the Parliament in regard to the conflict in Yemen. Following are the main points of the Resolution passed on the floor of the Parliament today.

The conflict in Yemen is not of sectarian nature.

The grave situation in Yemen can intensify the whole environment in the Middle East.

Yemen issue should be resolved with dialogue, because aggravate the situation further.

Pakistan will work in coordination with the Gulf countries.

Pakistan should try to reach all the international forum for the ceasefire in Yemen like OIC, United Nations etc.

We will not tolerate the aggression and crisis expanded towards the Saudi Arabia, and pose threat to the Khana Kaba.

The Resolution passed unanimously by the Joint Session of the Parliament of Pakistan.

The calling of Joint sitting of the Parliament to discuss the Yemen issue was very welcoming, which strengthen the democracy. All the Political parties hails the government decision to call the Joint Session of the Parliament.


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