Rawalpindi – sectarian conflict can be worse on Chehlum day

Rawalpindi – sectarian conflict can be worse on Chehlum day | PakistanTribeRAWALPINDI – Sectarian conflict may become more vulnerable on Chehlum of Imam Hussain (RA) as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ, formerly SSP) has announced to stop the procession.


According to the messages circulating on the Pakistani social media scene, leadership of ASWJ took oath on Qura’an to not allow Chehlum procession in Rawalpindi.

At the moment it’s just a conversation/announcement but after the incident of Ashura, (10th of Muharram), which left dozen affected in the worst sectarian violence of the country’s history, this information can’t be taken lightly.

According to many twitter handles including official twitter account of ASWJ, “it’s decided that the Chehlum procession can’t be allowed to cross Madrasa Taleem ul Quran”.

Punjab’s Provincial government, Scholars from different school of thoughts and other leaders played significant role to settle down the situation after the November’s incident.

Meanwhile, Central leader of ASWJ Masood ur Rehman Usmani has claimed that Shias from across Punjab have been planning to enter Rawalpindi for the Chehlum procession.

ASWJ leader has demanded from government and federal interior minister to stop such activity.

Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi Incident on the day of Ashura 2013:

According to details, violence erupted when an Ashura procession coincided with a sermon at a nearby mosque (Jamia Taleem ul Quran, Fawara Chowk, managed by ASWJ) in Raja Bazaar area on Nov 15, 2013 (10th Muharram 2013) killing at least nine and wounding at least 50 others while more than 100 shops were gutted by the angry mob during clashes.

“As Shia Muslims massed to mourn, a group of miscreants at 3:00pm reportedly snatched guns from police personnel installed in the area for security, and opened fire” Express Tribune reported about the incident.

“The clashes started when a sermon was being delivered from a Sunni mosque on the way of the procession route. The infuriated Shias attacked the mosque and also put a cloth market at fire,” police official Waseem Ahmed claimed.


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