The War In Yemen Is The Part Of The Great Game; Siraj ul Haq

The War In Yemen Is The Part Of The Great Game; Siraj ul Haq |

The War In Yemen Is The Part Of The Great Game; Siraj ul Haq |PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – This war will benefit United States and Israel only. This is the part of the propaganda to make the Muslim countries fight with eachother.

While talking in the Joint Session of the Parliament the Ameer Jamat i Islami, Siraj-ul-Haq, said that United States is behind all the conflicts and unrest in the Middle East. Libya, Syria and Iraq has become the talk of the town everywhere.

We need peace and we beleive in Quran which advices to remain in peace and solve the issues arises to Muslims time to time.

This war is for the benefit of the weapon industry of the United States and Israel. These countries wants to sell their ammunition to the other proxy countries to help recover their economies, he added.

We should try to figure out ways to resolve the conflict instead of participating in the war.

The greatest help of Saudi Arabia would be the resolution of the conflict in the peaceful way. Wars only end up in the growth of graveyards only. But we believe in the strengthening of society and humanity.

Pakistan should meditate the crisis. The crisis of Yemen should be resolved inside the country, while not dragging it to the international theater.

By meditating and conflict resolution Pakistan can show greater friendship to all stakeholders of the conflicts including Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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