Want To Boost Your Brain Power?

Want To Boost Your Brain Power?|PakistanTribe.com

Want To Boost Your Brain Power?|PakistanTribe.com

We must have heard the proved slogan “Milk, it does a body good!” Well, new researches can add “Milk, it does a brain good, too!

Milk has long been known to help build healthy bones and provide the body with a vitamin and protein boost.

But now it’s a memory aid after a study found those who regularly have milk and other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and even ice cream can do better in the tests to check their brainpower.

Scientists asked 972 men and women to fill in surveys on their diets, including how often they consumed dairy products, even if only having milk in their tea and coffee.

The study published in the International Dairy Journal, showed adults who consumed dairy products at least five or six times a week did far better in memory tests compared with those who rarely ate or drank them.

The researchers said: ‘New and emerging brain health benefits are just one more reason to start each day with low-fat or fat-free milk.’

They also suspect dairy foods may help protect against heart disease and high blood pressure, which in turn maintains the brain’s ability to properly function.

Some experts don’t agree with that and claim that the dairy products increase the chances of heart disease and strokes as they are high in saturated fat.

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