I Stand By My Words; Imran Khan

I Stand By My Words; Imran Khan |PakistanTribe.com

I Stand By My Words; Imran Khan |PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – If every party is saying that election 2013 was rigged, then why no one is taking action against the rigging.

I am thankful to those who made too noise today in the Parliament House. I stand by words even now that elections were rigged and there should be refined system to solve the rigging issue.

This is not for my own benefit; rather this is for the better Pakistan.

If we not speak about the rigging now, then the situation will become even worse. Free and fair elections are the demand of the whole nation so that they would have their true representative in the house.

Those who were making noise show that they do not have respect for the Parliament house.

Formation of Judicial Commission was our demand which was fulfilled by the government. The results of Judicial Commission will reveal everything about the historical rigging in the country.

I am thankful to those Parties which praise and welcomed the PTI in the House again. We will continue our struggle against the rigging and towards the free and fair elections.

We are in the Parliament because we have trust in the Judicial Commission and we believe that results will reveal all the rigging allegations true.

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