Black Box Found From The Crashed Germanwings Plane

Black Box Found From The Crashed Germanwings Plane|

 Black Box Found From The Crashed Germanwings Plane|

French researchers reported that they have found the black box from the Germanwings jet crash in the French Alps Mountain.

The black box records data and also stores performance of almost every instrument during flight

After hearing the recording of black box, investigators believe that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally crashed Flight 9525 on March 24

German investigators said that few days before crash, Lubitz searched about cockpit doors and their security arrangements on internet. Lubitz’s tablet computer was found in a search of his flat in Dusseldorf.

They further told that Lubitz he had used internet search terms such as cockpit doors and their security, and suicide methods between 16th to 23rd March.

On 24th march the plane crashed into the mountains, instantly killing all 150 people on board while going from Barcelona to Dusserldorf.

According to German newspaper “Bild”, Lubitz allegedly lied to his doctors that he is on vacation although he was flying commercial aircraft at that time. It said he gave them information about his job as a pilot and his employer, Germanwings, but hidden that he was still working.

If doctors come to know that he is still flying the jet they would have most probably break the oath of confidentiality by telling the company about his disease because it could pose a danger to others.

According to his medical reports he was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug

Investigators are still trying to work out the motive for why Lubitz would take the controls of the Airbus A320, lock the captain out of the cockpit and apparently deliberately steer the aircraft into a mountainside.

Germany has formed a task force to examine what went wrong in the Germanwings and how companies recognize psychological problems in employees.

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