British Police Find Some Concreter Evidence On Money Laundering

British Police Find Some Concreter Evidence On Money Laundering |

 British Police Find Some Concreter Evidence On Money Laundering |PakistanTribe.comLONDON – The London police have found some real big evidences against Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Anwar, Tariq Meer and Asif Siddique. The London Police also traced the property in Europe and other countries purchased in the name of these persons. Investigation is into its last stage.

The London police are successful in finding evidences against MQM’s Leader, Altaf Hussain, and other persons in the money laundering case. The evidence of money laundering of 10 Billion Pound has been found up till now.

The London Police is investigation the matter day in and day out and coming up with the important revelations. Police also traced the property purchased from the amount of money laundered.

According to source, when London Police raided the residence of Altaf Hussain they found British currency of about 4 lacs pounds. London Police also took control of some real important documents, information and jewelry from one of the lockers of the bank account of Altaf Hussain.

The police are interrogating the matter with those involved in the killing of Dr. Imran Farooq and in the money laundering.

London Police are interrogating the matter according to the Criminal Evidence Act. According to this act the police can ask the suspected person to come to Police Station at any time. In this regard, sources told that, Altaf Hussain is also interrogated by London Police for more than half a dozen times.

Police said that important developments have been made and case is now into its last stage. Five other relevant departments are also assisting the Metropolitan Police in these two cases of money laundering and Dr. Imran Farooq killing.

Those departments include Serious Organized Crime Agency, National Crime Agency, H.M Revenue and Custom and Financial Action Task Force. The Financial Task Force widened the scope of its investigation to Dubai, America, South Africa, Malaysia and Cananda.

During the investigation Police not only find the evidence of money laundering, but also find the property purchased in the names of those involved in the money laundering.

The four names are on the hit list in the investigation. Tariq Meer, Muhammad Anwar and Asif Siddique are all Chartered Accountant, have foremost role in the money related matters.

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