Bhutto Is Dead, But Zia—Alive!

Bhutto Is Dead, But Zia---Alive!

Bhutto Is Dead, But Zia---Alive!Sometimes the melancholy of us knows no bounds. Especially, when you view things in hind sight and have not been able to communicate them effectively.

 Have you ever stuck up in the moment where a shocking revelation is dawned upon you yet you cannot paint the picture? It’s like you run short of the appropriate words, or simply the words do not exist.

I wonder in delirium, that people hymn slogans out loud with full force ‘Bhutto is still alive today’ (Aj bhi Bhutto zinda hai). But in practice I don’t see him alive. If you look at PPP today it is no more in the spell of Bhuttoism. The party has changed and Bhutto long dead.

But Bhutto is a legend that is being ditched by his own party after death. With a ruthless murder of his daughter  Benazir, Bhuttoism met a final blow. PPP no longer follows his doctrines and socio-political philosophies in the true sense of the term. Though Bhutto’s magic still sells like hotcakes. But Bhutto was buried with his daughter. He never came back again. Sadly, People chant slogans but the spirit is no longer there.

But alas, with a sad heart I narrate this; nobody has explicitly recited  ‘Zia is still alive’ (Aj bhi Zia zinda hai). But tell you what I see him alive. I can smell him all around us. Spread everywhere in the form of religious-extremism (Talibanization), sectarianism (Deo-bandization), Islamaization (voting against ‘Ziaism’ is going against Islam!), confused religious identities (who are you? a Muslims or a man living in 21 century), ‘holy jihad’ (that we fight in the name of foreign powers!), religious intolerance (Ahmadiyya’s are non-muslims!), No freedom of expression (YouTube and word press banned , student unions are to be banned), Blasphemy ordinance (a pregnant Christian women is beaten to death) seminarization (Madrassas culture everywhere) , military establishment at the center of the stage (Think about putting Musharraf on trial and they’ll teach you a big lesson ! ), dominant  bureaucratic-technocracy (to curb politicians) and what’s not.

He ruled this country for 11 years, and the harm he did to us will take centuries to wipe off. Some of the above mentioned evil had existed (some in weaker and some in stronger form) before him. But he is to be held responsible because he ‘institutionalized’ all those in the very mentally of this nation, and the socio-political institutions of the state. Those who understand what the term ‘institutionalization’ entails, the article ends here!

So, Can we dare to ‘un-institutionalize’ them now? Instead of just launching operations and purging areas and groups where your political stakes are involved. Tell you what; you cannot uproot anything while supporting it in any form. How come you stop violence when you yourself are involved in it? It’s like yelling-out-loud with full force to end the noise. Will this end the noise or increase it?

The pain, the sting, the ache people like me go through is that he is everywhere and he’s not dying . . .

His spirit haunts us with full force. Let’s collects his pieces perhaps that were spread everywhere as his plane crashed. Hang them one by one.

While over-simplifying it let me say that, I intended to say that all good things which Bhutto initiated live no more (they have been murdered by us) and after him we never got any other charismatic leader. And all evils which Zia is to be held accountable have become Frankenstein (here too, we played our roles). And we still are clue-less about the gravity of all this. At the end of every incident we shrug our shoulders and conclude calmly; ‘It happens in other countries as well’. With this comes a dose of opium that we inject in ourselves to remain immune from feeling any sort of ‘moral responsibility’.

On the day of Bhutto’s  execution ( 4 April 1979) ; The New York Times published its report about his execution and said;

‘The way they did it, (Bhutto).. is going to grow into a legend that will someday backfire’

I wish with all my heart and soul that may that force backfire . . . so fiercely that the whole edifice of the forces that executed him and that still holds sway collapses.

I shiver with a strange hope that it may some day!

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