Lawyers and ex-CJ Ifthiqar Ch.

Lawyers and ex-CJ Ifthiqar Ch. | PakistanTribeA few days ago I happened to visit my father’s law firm for attestation of some documents.I was sitting on the sofa when suddenly a large number of lawyers crossed the threshold .I and the other lawyers present there rose up and met with them. I came to know that all of them were candidates for different seats of Multan High Court Bar elections.

At first I ignored their discussions but then became interested on listening the name of Chief Justice of Pakistan repeatedly.Chief Justice Ifthiqar Ch. had not retired then. I enjoyed their discussion for more than three hours.But the only thing I found in their discussions was the dejection about CJ.

The lawyers movement for the restoration of CJ made history but now when the same CJ retired,the lawyers of Pakistan exposed their gladness by avoiding farewell parties to CJ.It is a custom to bid a farewell party to departing CJ by lawyers but lawyers decided unanimously to show annoyance to CJ.The only lawyer, the vice president of Supreme court Bar Association, who bided a farewell to CJ also had to face the cancellation of his membership of the bar.

It is a fact that CJ, now ex-CJ Ifthiqar Ch., did not proved to be very helpful to the lawyers.The lawyers who had played a vital role in Lawyers movement were silent on the retirement of Ifthiqar ch.

If we start counting the reasons, they are definitely a lot.But the most basic reason of Lawyers ‘ annoyance to Ifthiqar Ch. was the change of his attitude for Justice.Ifthiqar Ch. promised to deliver Justice at the doorstep of people but failed to fulfill his promise. The lawyers and the citizens of Faisalabad and DG Khan demanded for the establishment of High court benches for the respective cities but even after hunger strikes for months,Ifthiqar Ch. showed no response.But the situation became worse when the lawyers were struck by the Islamabad Police with sticks during a protest outside the Supreme Court Builiding.The lawyers who had travelled from far off cities of Punjab were treated brutally by the police and the then CJ Ifthiqar Ch. was enjoying a tea in his office.

The lawyers sacrificed a lot for Ifthiqar Ch. But all memories vanished from the mind of Ifthiqar Ch. and he just, as lawyers say, enjoyed his tenure.

The way in which Ifthiqar Ch. handled the case of missing persons was humorous. Most of the people are of the opinion that the missing persons should be freed if they are innocent. But at the same time people are also supporting the intelligence agencies of Pakistan in this issue because people believe that these are the intelligence agencies that are playing a fundamental role in the national security. People believe that intelligence agencies should be provided with constitutional powers to avoid any incident which is against the human rights. The Constitution of Singapore provides one-year detainment period to its security agencies but agencies of Pakistan can detain a person for only 90 days legally. It’s the duty of Govt. of Pakistan to make amendment in the constitution and give more powers to Intelligence agencies to avoid any unlawful act and detainment. But ifthiqar Ch. kept on hammering the intelligence agencies which scratched the reputation of Pakistan at International level. It is a fact that the intelligence agencies of other countries are involved in much serious crimes but their Supreme Court never sent a single notice to them.

Another thing that made Ifthiqar Ch. controversial was the unfair bend towards one specific media group. Every day the name of Ifthiqar Ch. used to appear at least once in the headlines of that channel and the name of Ifthiqar Ch. also appeared in the super lead of that particular newspaper for more than 80 times. That’s a World Record type thing for CJ.

Similarly there are a lot of other issues due to which the people showed a meaningful silence at the retirement of Chief Justice of Pakistan Ifthiqar ch.

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