Iran Refuses To Transfer Its Uranium Stockpiles

Iran refuses to transfer her uranium stockpiles overseas |

Iran refuses to transfer her uranium stockpiles overseas | PakistanTribe.comNew York/ Tehran – Several matters have been settled in an ongoing dialogue between Tehran and World Powers. Iran, straight away, refused to transfer its uranium storage abroad.

The dialogue between these players is about to be completed, however, parties involved in the dialogue are trying to reach at a reasonable conclusion regarding the disputed uranium stockpiles.

According to international News Agency, the member of the negotiation committee of Iran with World Powers said that today is the last day of marathon negotiations between Iran and World Powers. Many matters have been settled with the conscience of both parties but there comes a deadlock when it comes to the nuclear dispute.

World Powers want to restrict Iran to carry on its nuclear program in exchange for relief from sanctions as imposed on the Iran due to nuclear issue.

The representatives from the six major countries of the world are in the negotiations where they are trying to reach at a deal with Iran to undo its nuclear program and switch its nuclear program with the eased sanctions.

Iran is insisting and trying to persuade the World Powers that its nuclear program is for peaceful purpose and Iran would not use it for explosives or weaponry.

The Western countries are much concerned about the developing countries going nuclear because of the security atmosphere all around the world. Due to the rise of terrorism and radicalism, World powers doubt that the nuclear, if not kept in a high security, fall into the hands of the terrorist groups which may lead to the ultimate devastation.

The issue of Nuclear is not only limited to one country or one region, but it is of international concern and has implications all around the Globe, said one of the representatives the World Powers.

Talking to International media China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday that the “marathon-like” negotiations had entered the final stage and that he was “cautiously optimistic”. The differences between the parties were narrowing, he added.

 The six countries included in the dialogue with the Iran are United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany.

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