Superstition; A Belief Or A Mind Game?

Superstition; A Belief Or A Mind Game?.

Superstition; A Belief Or A Mind Game?.

We all are a little superstitious at times, whether it be Friday 13th, a broken mirror or a black cat passes through our way.A SUPERSTITION is an ILLOGICAL BELIEF that an object, action, or circumstance not rationally related to a course of events influences its outcome.

Here is a list of most common superstitions which most of us perform.

  • Friday the thirteenth is an inauspicious day
  • An itchy palm means you will have money
  • To break a mirror will bring you seven years bad luck
  • If a black cat crosses your pathway you will have bad luck
  • To open an umbrella in the house is to convey bad luck
  • Clothes worn inside out will bring good luck
  • If the bottom of your feet itch, you will make a trip
  • Wearing your birthstone will bring you good luck
  • If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck


  • When a dog howls, death is near
  • Warm hands, warm heart; Cold hands, cold heart
  • Garlic protects from evil spirits and vampires
  • To drop a fork means a woman will visit
  • To drop a knife means a man will visit
  • Crossing your fingers helps to avoid bad luck and helps a wish come true
  • To drop a spoon means a child will visit
  • Washing a Prayer robe will bring rain
  • You must get out of bed on the same side you got in on or you will have bad luck
  • Wearing an opal when it is not your birthstone is bad luck
  • To give someone a purse or wallet without money in it will bring that person bad luck


 Although all these practices are illogical and unscientific but majority of us believe in superstitions. It’s not because we are senseless it’s because we have grown up listening and reading to the myths.

Most of people believe in superstitions because they have tested or unknowingly passed through them. If some kind of incident happens with us and it moves into the unconscious part of mind, it begins to relate that with event that had happened before. From here superstitions start growing its roots deeper and deeper into the minds.

Also its very commonly said that what we believe; we definitely have it. so if we want to believe that a coin is going to give us a bad luck, it will definitely. Even its just a coin which nether moves nor talks and gives us nothing but its our mind which has already projected bad luck of coin in us.

It is nothing but a net, made by our own mind and the old stories of mysteries and fictions which we have heard of long ago.

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