Indian Scientists Design Three Hi-Tech Drones

Indian Scientists Design Three Hi-Tech Drones|

Indian Scientists Design Three Hi-Tech Drones|

NEW DELHI – Indian scientists have made three hi-tech drones that can be utilized for patrolling the borders, crowd monitoring, surveillance and disaster management.

The flapping wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for surveillance and aerial photography, is one of its kind in the world.

The 1.5 m wing span flying bird can carry a small camera to record pictures for surveillance applications.

Second UAV — the small sized fixed wing has an strength of over nine hours, can go to a top speed of 100 mph per hour and has a payload of six kg. It also has a maximum take-off weight of 21 kg, in a pusher configuration.

The engine can run on gasoline, jet fuel, or batteries. This system has the capability of taking-off from unpaved flat surfaces of 30 meters. It can also be assembled within 20 minutes.

Third UAV — visually guided autonomous quadrotors can be utilized in surveillance and disaster management. The four rotor design makes the quadrotors simple in design but it is highly reliable and fast.

These UAVs will be used for counterinsurgency operations in the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir, bordering Pakistan.

“It is pertinent to mention that India boosted defense spending by 12 percent for 2014-15 to $38.35 billion”.This jingoism of India is not only changing the power balance in South Asia but also a threat to regional peace.

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