Rain Causes Deadly Accidents In Pakistan

Rain Causes Deadly Accidents In Pakistan|PakistanTribe.Com

Rain Causes Deadly Accidents In Pakistan|PakistanTribe.Com

LAHORE/RAWALPINDI/PESHAWAR – Continues rains in country once again became disastrous for people as many people became shelter-less and several met deadly accidents in different parts of Pakistan.

In Lahore and Peshawar, several roofs fallen due to rains and the drainage channels got uncontrolled. Water came out of the drainage canals and penetrated to the houses in Peshawar.

A report also received from Sohawa, Jehlum about the missing of a little boy in flood and injuries of five people of same family when their vehicle drown in the uncontrolled flood due to the poor condition of bridge.

Rescue Teams had rescued the five members of same family but the search operation continued till later night but the 14 year old boy could not recovered.

In Orakzai Agency, political administration confirmed that a woman, 40, lost her live and four other family members sustained serious injuries due to collapse of roof, caused by the rain.

Pakistan Meteorological department predicted that the rains will continue in current week in all parts of the country especially in the northern parts of Pakistan.

It is an open fact that Pakistan is fast becoming a water scarce country and every year it suffers a lot due to flood. To overcome the uncontrolled water, Pakistan needs immediate steps to build new dams. Besides this flood, Pakistan is also one of the country which faces serious problem of drinking water.

Deputy Director General of the Pakistan Meteorological Department had said earlier in his interview that “Pakistan’s per capita water availability is presently estimated at 950 cubic metres, quite a dip from 5,500 cubic metres in 1951,” “If we continue business as usual, how will we meet the water needs of a growing population?”

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