Enough With This ‘Lawn Fever’

LAWN FEVER|PakistanTribe.com

LAWN FEVER|PakistanTribe.com

A huge storm of Lawn is on the peak as summer season is about to start. Ladies have always been curious to buy new summer clothes as they love wearing Lawn, a light and comfortable fabric. Now a day’s trend has changed and women are interested in the designer collection. They publicize it too much through different means that no doubt increases its worth in the minds of women.

I see many teasers everywhere on social media, commercials on TV channels and the billboards popping in every big city. While one designer do their Lawn shoot in Srilanka or Thailand, the other is interested about getting top actresses such as Kareena Kapoor, Mahira Khan Etc. to model for their brand.

I was also one of those brand conscious women who were there to buy these designers Lawn suits with epic designs.
Last year in Islamabad, designer Lawn exhibition was about to open its doors at 11 am, and I was stunned when I saw prospective buyers gathered at the venue two hours earlier to the event.

My family, friends and relatives calling from Lahore, Karachi and unbelievably begging me to go buy a bunch of suits for each of them. I also remember their disappointment in me when I failed to grab those in a sea of crazy women dying to buy their favorite suits.

A week before the release of a Lawn collection, women desperately exhausting every number in their phone books to find a contact within the store who could reserve suits for them before anyone could even set their eyes on them.

This year too, the designer Lawn obsession continues to grow at a shocking rate. Many of the women will be disappointed with this Lawn fever while some of them will be delighted.

I don’t understand why a piece of cloth has to cost more than an average person’s monthly income. Some prices hit the sky. Ridiculous!

Why not a designer come up with something which is affordable and nice for women of lower middle class.
Now coming to the replicas which comes just within the same week of launch date of these designer stuff. One can hardly tell if a person is wearing an Rs.10000 suit or a rip off at Rs.3000.

I believe one can look trendy and fashionable without buying brands. It’s totally up to us how we carry our style and wear what suits us.
I don’t mean to ridicule or disappoint women from adorning themselves, neither do I, mean to offend Pakistani designers, who do a wonderful job every year. Hats off to them!

A quote is worth mentioning here, “Insaan ek bohat qeemti sarmaya hai. Usay libaas mein nahi shakhsiyat mein dhundo” (Human is a valuable asset. Don’t judge people by their clothes, rather do judge their personality).
It is my first season of being a working woman and I think it’s mindless to spend hard earned money on such suits so. I have vowed to keep my eyes, hands and heart in line to stay away consciously from this circus.
I am in favor of this ‘new-found-culture’ of lawn .What I am not happy about is the overpriced Lawn and the madness, the craze at these exhibitions.

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