Why The Radar OF Spot Light Miscue you?

Why The Radar OF Spot Light Miscue you? | PakistanTribe.com

Why The Radar OF Spot Light Miscue you?   |  PakistanTribe.comIt’s a much bigger game than we imagine. And the rules of the game are different to get recognition and fame.  Have you ever thought how some of the brilliant people failed to get the recognition in their life? And there are yet many more that never get in the spot light despite being a deserving candidate of it.

 The market is full of stories about the people and companies that somehow create a product or expand an idea that instantaneously gets the public’s attention. We can see that sometimes, the greenest achievements earn the spotlight while many brilliant ideas get are simply overlooked. So we ask in amazement that why it is so? Why some ideas manage to get worldwide attention and some are just kicked out as if they were the meekest of all. Frustrating it is indeed, right?

For instance, you can take the manifestation of this at workplace with employees. You must have seen that some gain praise so quickly in an organization and becomes the apple of an eye whereas others despite performing well fall fails to getting glory? Is there some sort of necessary magic, an aura, a personality trait that you should follow in order to grab attention.

Are employees and companies the same when it comes to getting the spotlight? Is it just a matter of messaging or is there something more?

David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom gave us three reason for lagging behind others and not being able to get the spot light:

  1. You actually haven’t made a difference people love. There is a massive difference between what people expect and what they love. The Great Work Study analyzed 10,000 cases of award-winning work. One of the many surprising findings from the study revealed that 88% of projects that are appreciated and rewarded began with a person asking, “What difference could I make that other people would love?” Think about your audience. Does your leader love the difference you make? Does your team love the difference you make? Do your customers love the difference you make in their lives? Or if your goal is to get attention from the media, why does a reporter love the story you’re providing? Pick one person in your life that you want to receive attention from. Spend a few minutes thinking about what they would love from you. Then go do it. If you practice this exercise daily, you’ll be amazed by the results.

  1. You don’t appreciate others’ work. It might seem counterintuitive—that to get a spotlight, you need to shine a spotlight on others, but think about this. Who do you pay the most attention to? Who are you a fan of? Who would you like to see receive more recognition and attention? Perhaps you are stingy with who and how you recognize accomplishments. What goes around, comes around. Research shows that most people are hungry for appreciation. A recent study by the O.C. Tanner Institute reveals that employees want recognition more than so many other things they could be given. In the survey, employees were asked what would cause them to do more great work, 7% of participants responded by saying “pay me more.” 37% responded by saying, “recognize me.” Consider all the things that you wish you were being recognized for—your efforts and achievements. Start recognizing those around you (companies or individuals) for their efforts and achievements and see what happens.
  1. You’re only focused on getting the spotlight. It’s important to remember that the attention you deserve shouldn’t outweigh the impact you make and the value you create in the world. People and companies are recognized for the great things they do, and not who they try to convince the world they are. So, show people what you do—by doing it. The world will pay attention. And, if you want to spread the word about the great things you do a little faster, consider this fantastic list of 109 Ways to Make Your Business Irresistible to the Media we found online by Patrick Garmoe, a Social Media Strategist. Notice how many of the tips are focused on creating value rather than receiving value.

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